welcome to MCC

There are only a few steps left for your club membership. Be careful moving forward without waking the crocodiles.




• To give a kick start for the Discord and Twitter community.

• Bringing our first NFT designs in the collection together with the community.

• Contacting promotional agencies and Influencers for marketing efforts.



• Public mint will have launched.



The first Croc in history speaks:

"The world has changed a lot over the years. Incredible events are happening in the universe and we want to be there. We step into the Metaverse World from the River Nile!"

12.12.2021 999 Generated NFTs will be released.

Q1 2022
$MZOO token will be created. A portion of the supply will be airdropped free of charge to MCC Holders.

Q2 2022
“Zoo Access Card” will be airdropped to MCC Holders.

Q3 2022
Millionaire Zoo will meet the community in the Metaverse. All of the animal NFTs in the Solana network will be displayed at the Millionaire Zoo.

Q4 2022
Some of the $MZOO token revenues that visitors will use to feed the animals will go to the NFT owner, some to the zoo's expenses, and some to the real world ecosystem, which is waiting for help in social responsibility projects.

• We have projects and community activities planned as the MCC team for the 2022 quarter. In addition to the collection value MCC has created alone, there are partnership plans that it plans to establish. We will present the advantages of these partner agreements and the presale and airdrop opportunities to the holders.

• It will provide the opportunity to gain presale rights in other collections or projects created under the umbrella of MCC.



Royalties revenues represent copyrights, so we do not plan to share these revenues with the community. We plan to provide more advantages than we can provide you through Royalties, with our earnings from Mint and the resources we have allocated from the budgeting of our project. Within this plan;

• To maintain the marketplace value of the MCC collection, we will create a wallet to sweep NFTs below the mint price from the market. The address and details of this wallet will be shared with you in a way that you can keep track of.

• Another wallet created other than Royalties income will be the MCC-Bank wallet to be used for holders. This wallet will contain NFT collections and a certain amount of SOL. These collections and SOL will be used to the holders advantage as planned.




ms4 - Croc


Khan - Croc

Marketing Head

Teyzz - Croc